Unusual firewall bypassing techniques, network and computer security.

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You can contribute to our team work in several ways :

If you think you are working on a project or on a paper related to our main NACS bypassing research field or if you want to become a part of our team with your current projects, then send us a mail to <team [at]>. Also, you can take a part in our projects development and bring fresh ideas in our team life. Thus, if you want to join us, be ready to contribute something, as well as get help and support of other members.

Don't hesitate to tell us about web links to any kind of papers or projects, related to computer or network security. If you think that we may be interested in reading and publishing this on our website : send your links to the team mail box or post a message on our board.

If you want us to work on a specific research subject, we can help you :
o for free if we have enough time and feeling a mood for this. We'll do the job the best we can and publish it under the GPL or GFDL license.
o for something... So let us know...

If you are running an own computer security related site, support us with a link to Also, feel free to mirror our programs and papers on your web sites as well as modify these programs respecting their licenses.

We actually would be grateful for a team logo contribution.. :)

Paper : Covert channels through the looking glass.

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